National Qatar Museum

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The new National Museum of Qatar is located on a land area of 139,354.56m2, facing the southern end of the Al Corniche promenade, on Museum Park St in Doha.

The building is composed of 539 disks, which are the walls, ceilings, and structure. The glass-fiber-reinforced concrete cladding consists of 76,000 panels, made from 3,000 master molds.

Limited glazing is deep-set, shading apertures from the intense sun, our main scope was fabrication and installation of secondary steel structure, The secondary structure is composed of steel profiles. They are curved so that they coincide with the fixation of the concrete panel that is axially symmetrical.

The secondary steel structure consists of beams that support simply, with a maximum distance of 3 m between them. They are fixed with pins in the extremities, one with a normal hole and the other with an oblong hole.







Hill International

Main Contractor:

Hyundai Engineering

Quantity ( Tons ):


Scope of Work:

Engineering, procurement, Fabrication, and Installation of structural steel

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