Engineering , Fabrication & Construction

We are recognized as the premier one-stop service provider for all metal and steel fabrication & construction needs in Qatar for construction projects.


Our engineering team excels at swift integration of modifications in metal and steel construction projects, responding promptly to new requirements. Our dedicated employees, specializing in connection engineering, possess extensive knowledge and skills, adept at handling complex architectural concepts with varied geometries. They meticulously analyze structural plans to design connections, ensuring streamlined work and compliance with industry standards in the metal and construction sector.


Our metal and construction expertise shines as we employ advanced CNC machines and modern fabrication tools. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, we transform basic sections of manufactured steel into custom or predefined shapes, ensuring they are ready for seamless installation. This commitment to precision and innovation defines our approach in the steel industry and construction projects.


In IMC, our construction and metal services extend to industrial metal painting, where we utilize automatic blasting machines under the supervision of qualified inspectors. Our commitment ensures that all steel products are meticulously prepared for specified painting requirements. This dedication to quality and precision sets our services apart in the metal and construction industry in Qatar.


In IMC, our dedicated metal and construction team has safely completed over 220 projects, showcasing our proficiency in managing complex site situations and overcoming challenging lifting scenarios, especially in areas with limited road access conditions. Our extensive experience in steel-related projects underscores our commitment to delivering successful outcomes in the construction industry.