IMC’s Landmark Project in KSA: Transforming Al Urubah Park in Riyadh City

IMC been awarded a significant project to revitalize Al Urubah Park. This project, commissioned by the Riyadh City Royal Commission (RCRC), aims to redesign, supply, and install state-of-the-art facilities over the course of 14 months.

Al Urubah Park, a cherished green space in Riyadh, will undergo a transformative redesign to enhance its appeal and functionality for residents and visitors. The project encompasses a total area of 2750 square meters, and includes new landscaping, recreational facilities, and modern amenities designed to elevate the park’s status as a premier urban oasis.

Al Yamama, known for its expertise in large-scale construction and landscaping projects, is committed to delivering a park that aligns with Riyadh’s vision of sustainable urban development. This ambitious project is further strengthened by the involvement of BUS & CHS, specialists in urban planning and design, ensuring the incorporation of innovative and sustainable design principles. Additionally, the project will benefit from the expertise of IMC (Intelligent Metal Construction), a US-based subcontractor renowned for their advanced construction techniques and high-quality materials.

The Riyadh City Royal Commission (RCRC) selected Al Yamama for its proven track record and dedication to quality. This project reflects the RCRC’s commitment to enhancing the city’s public spaces, providing residents with a modern, accessible, and beautiful environment to enjoy.

Stay tuned for updates as Al Urubah Park undergoes this exciting transformation, bringing new life to one of Riyadh’s beloved green spaces.