IMC’s New Venture: Enhancing Luxury Mixed Use Development in Lusail

IMC has launched a prestigious project within the Marina Mix luxury mixed-use development in the heart of Lusail. This project includes the design, supply, and installation of a state-of-the-art catwalk, set to redefine luxury living and commercial spaces in Lusail over a period of just 2 months.

Marina Mix in Lusail is poised to be a beacon of modern architectural and commercial success. The development, featuring a 12-unit project, will include a sophisticated catwalk designed to integrate seamlessly with the luxurious surroundings. This initiative highlights IMC’s commitment to delivering high-quality, innovative solutions within a competitive timeframe.

IMC is responsible for the design, supply, and installation of the catwalk, utilizing their vast experience in luxury development projects. They will be supported by RHS, a well-known partner in the field, to ensure that the project adheres to the highest standards of excellence and functionality.

Lusail, renowned for its visionary urban planning and modern infrastructure, stands to gain significantly from this development. The project not only elevates the visual appeal of the area but also enhances the functionality and attractiveness of the mixed-use development.

As IMC advances with this exciting project, their collaboration is set to create a landmark feature in Lusail’s impressive skyline. The rapid two-month development schedule showcases IMC’s efficiency and steadfast dedication to excellence.