EPIC for Dukhan Production Facilities

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This project encompasses the Engineering, Procurement, Installation, and Commissioning (EPIC) services for the Dukhan Production Facilities Upgrade (DPFU) Phase 1A, Package 1. The primary focus of this endeavor is on the meticulous design, precise fabrication, and timely supply of structural steel components. The scope includes the integration of cutting-edge engineering solutions to enhance the structural framework of the production facilities, ensuring a seamless and efficient upgrade process. This project stands at the forefront of advancing the Dukhan production capabilities, combining expertise in design, fabrication, and supply of structural steel to elevate the overall operational efficiency and resilience of the facilities.





Qatar Energy


Black CAT Engineering

Main Contractor:

Black CAT Engineering

Quantity ( Tons ):


Scope of Work:

Design, Fabrication and Supply of Structural Steel

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