EPIC for NFE- EPC 1 ( Under Chiyoda)

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This project, falling under the umbrella of Engineering, Procurement, Installation, and Commissioning (EPIC) for NFE- EPC 1 under Chiyoda, centers on the fabrication and supply of structural steel. The scope entails the precision fabrication of structural steel components and the timely supply of these elements. With a commitment to industry-leading standards, the project aims to deliver high-quality structural steel that enhances the overall structural integrity and operational efficiency of the NFE- EPC 1 facilities. The focus on the fabrication and supply of structural steel underscores the project’s dedication to providing a solid foundation for reliable and efficient infrastructure within the realm of Chiyoda’s expertise.





Qatar Energy/Qatar Gas


MEDGULF / Saipem

Main Contractor:

MEDGULF / Saipem

Quantity ( Tons ):


Scope of Work:

Fabrication & Supply of Structure Steel

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